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Awareness vs. Recognition and what a 5-Star review means

The latest review is published and wow - I am really humbled by it. The reviewer's positive remarks are of course gratifying. The descriptions are generous, such as "capturing the essence of the era with precision and grace" and "a vibrant narrative."

Reviews are a necessary component of the publishing landscape. Through reviews, readers become exposed to a vast variety of work they may never other wise know about. They are introduced to the author in a way that helps determine whether this is something as a reader they may be interested in.

Marketing and awareness are really the goals of seeking reviews. I suppose the quick suspicion is that sales are tied to reviews. The market, however, is very crowded. Reviews, good as they may be, can be like shouting into a crowded, loud room.

The Road to Moresco comes highly recommended for its depth, storytelling, and the indelible mark it leaves on the reader.
Pro Book Reviews

I was reading another blog and interview with a well regarded author this week talking about this difficulty of marketing and revenue production. There was one statement that stood out for me - As authors, we do the marketing and seek the reviews "not for the hope of profit, but because we dearly want to share our stories and characters."

That resonated with me. I am very passionate about this story, and I want people to know about it. I am hoping people read it. I want to hear their feedback, regardless if they loved it or hated it, just to know it was read and they got to spend some time with the people I wrote about.

Some say that the awareness comes only after a very long time. Patience is the key. And yet today's environment is about the clicks and likes and reposts of the moment. What is trending in this minute. What is hot today. We f0llow the influence of the immediate response. This is not consistent with an artistic hope tied to building awareness. It is not clear to me that even the support of an established big-name publishing house can guarantee this awareness, though the likelihood is increased given the support they provide (and the author-ship rights lost to them in compensation).

Book reviews are great recognition, but recognition does not translate into awareness. On its own, a five star review, which I am extremely grateful for, does not mean much if I cannot translate it into awareness. Writing the book was one effort. Getting the review, another effort. Somehow though I feel my work is only just begun.


The full review referred to above is here:

Here is the link to the blog post I refer to above -

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