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Podcast with Bruce Langford on Mindfulness Mode

I had the great pleasure of talking with Bruce Langford recently. Bruce and I talked about a lot of different topics, but at the core the conversation was about finding a sense of calm in the middle of the storm. Everyone will come at this a bit differently. What works for one person will not work for another necessarily.

For me, finding balance and having the internal peace to allow me to connect to other people is tied to several years of hard work. The result of that work is an ability to find compassion within myself for myself, which then allows me to be able to receive others.

What does this have to do with writing a book, you may ask? For me, each character I write about is in some way an extension of myself. I draw on my own experiences, my own feelings. I can only write about the characters and tie the story together around them if I can be empathetic to their emotions in the time-space I am writing about. How can I be empathetic to a character in a story, as i write the story, if I cannot be connected to what is going on inside myself first?

Listen to the discussion with Bruce. I think you will be entertained, you will find moments of humor as well as moments that provoke some thought. In the end, I hope you also understand a bit more about me and why writing The Road to Moresco was an act of passion.

Listen to my interview with Bruce Langford on Mindfulness Mode at

And yes - I am working on getting an Audiobook pulled together as well as the graphic novel....


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