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Graphic Novel??

Updated: Feb 28

Really excited about launching a Kickstarter campaign soon - funds raised go towards creating a graphic novel.

I'd love to do an NFT version too if the graphic novel gets made, just not sure how that would work right now.... bubbling with ideas and energy!

Why a graphic novel you say?

I am super pleased the book has received such glowing praise with 5 star reviews from OnlineBookClub.Org, Feathered Quill, Literary Titan, BookView Reviews, Prairie Reviews, and several independent readers on Amazon. Some compared my story telling to James Michener. High praise indeed.

My thinking is before we jump onto the silver screen, let's make a graphic novel. I am a fan of comics, having collected them since the early 1970s, late 1960s. I was really moved and impressed with the work of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon on their Daytripper series, and see something similar for this project as well.

Send me your thoughts!

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