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The Road to Moresco: Enthralling and Unforgettable

Book Review of The Road to Moresco

The Road to Moresco by Mark Jamilkowski is a breathtaking work of historical fiction that follows the lineage of the Moresco family from the mid-1800s to present-day.

In 19th-century Italy, amidst the joyous end-of-year festivities in Messina, Sicily, Francesca and Giuseppe Carnabuci's happiness is shattered by a devastating earthquake that kills more than 100,000 and destroys 90% of the buildings in the city. Amidst death and destruction, they are forced to flee the place they've called home for years and settle as refugees in a small nearby town. This is where their son Marcello is born and raised. Marcello was a happy child nurtured with a lot of love, but despite this, he becomes obsessed with fascist ideologies that overtake him as he grows up. His path intertwines with Maria-Luisa Moresco, a talented pianist torn between her love for music and the demands of family life, and together, they craft not only their own story but also that of their future generations.

An epic saga steeped in a rich sense of time and place, The Road to Moresco skillfully explores the intricacies of human relationships and the strength of bonds forged, even across decades. Written with a powerful sense of urgency, the book explores timely themes of love, loss, ambition and family with rich detail and exquisite storytelling. Jamilkowski pulls readers right into the book, with descriptive imagery that captures the settings and characters’ feelings and emotions immaculately. With the help of in depth historical research, Jamilkowski seamlessly blends fact and fiction, reanimating the Moresco family and showcasing the intimate impact of politics, war, natural disaster and tragedy on a family unit.

To tell a cohesive narrative with such an expansive scope is impressive enough as it is; to do so with the poise and precision that Jamilkowski wields in his writing is something else entirely. Apart from the satisfying manner in which each generation’s story intersects, each individual character arc is compelling in its own right and offers a wide range of unique challenges faced by the respective generation. The common thread of wanting a better life runs aptly throughout each story but takes a different shape, as the characters overcome different obstacles in different places at different times.

Offering a new perspective on an infamous time in history, the Moresco’s journey will resonate with readers who yearn to find the humanity that connects us all.  Ultimately, Jamilkowski’s storytelling prowess shines through, making this book a truly enthralling and unforgettable read.

- Review by Book Excellence

Author's Note:

Thank you Book Excellence for such a comprehensive and generous review! This is a work of passion that I hope your review sparks interest in people to come and meet these inspirational people.

  • Mark Jamilkowski

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